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FUSION – individual exhibition


individual exhibition
Aparthotel Lwowska 1

Joanna Kulis

The works presented at the exhibition combined quotes from various styles and eras as interpreted by Kamil Stańczak. Fusion is the art of contrasts, the richness of patterns and colors, a strong combination of ingredients, creating new values through surprising constructions. We will find, inter alia, motifs from Diego Velazquez’s paintings, as well as sculptures – Jeff Koons balloons. The exhibition is dedicated to individualists who like unconventional solutions for whom art is an open concept. Let yourself be surprised by a different reality.

Kamil Stańczak

My paintings are actually collages. They are based on various found fragments, combined into a new wholeness. I find historical paintings very inspiring, so I use them quite often. It is, I think, noticeable in the general style of the artworks. Some of the originals can be easily recognized.
In my intention, these quotes were not meant to refer to specific facts, but rather to evoke associations with something that you have seen before, that you know “from somewhere”. Of course, such inspiration is not only the pictures once painted, but also my own and found photographs, films watched, and both ancient and completely modern objects. Each work consists of several such fragments, coming from various sources, found every day or dug up from memory. In the pictures, they blend with each other, mix together, overlap one another.
The making of each painting is an ongoing process. I don’t plan them in advance. Rather, they are sketched roughly at the beginning so that they can be supplemented and modified as you paint. Therefore, the end result usually cannot be clearly predicted. I know that this technique is well known to many artists. This, however, seems to be the most interesting thing in this work, you never really know what you are actually doing.

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